Housing Authority

Member Expiration

Nora Harris 12-1-2009
Allen McVey 12-1-2011
Katherine L. Dooley 1-1-2012
Marie Prezioso 12-10-2010
Michael Stajauhar 12-10-2013
Mark Taylor, Director (348-6451) 


 Five commissioners, appointed for 5 year terms, certificate of appointment or reappointment shall be filed with the City Clerk and be conclusive evidence of due and proper appointment; shall hold office until successor is named; chairman and vice chairman elected from membership; no commissioner can be an employee of the City; no commissioner or employee of the authority shall acquire any interest, direct or indirect, in any project or property included or planned nor have any interest, direct or indirect, in any contracts for material or services used in connection with any project; if property was acquired prior to appointment, commissioner shall disclose the same in writing to the authority and such disclosure shall be entered upon the minutes of the authority. A city determines by own motion or petition signed by 25 residents the need of an authority and adopts a resolution so stating unsanitary or unsafe inhabited building accommodations for persons of low income rental. (WV Code 16-15-3, 4, & 5) First commission appt. 12-11-37

  • Members:  5 commissioners Cannot be employed by the City
  • Terms:  5 year terms
  • Appointed by:  Mayor
  • One term expires each year No Council Action Required